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The Holistic Journey‚Äč

Programs that we offer

We here at The Holistic Journey offer and array of life coaching programs to fit every need or situation. we take pride in our work and in our clients! We look you as more than clients but trusted family and friends. We have developed a unique approach to our life coaching programs mixing knowledge with numerology to give you a very wide out of the box experience that will sure leave you feeling content and confident about your life even after the first session, speaking of first session did I mention your first session is  a free 1 hour consultation. we also offer these sessions to be in person or Online facetime or even instant messaging your choice. We have coaches which you can read about and learn about on the following tab labeled meet the team. 

Survivor Coach

Have you been abused, sexually, financial. emotionally, mentally. physically Or verbally? Have you lashed out in a reactive abuse towards your abuser? Your not alone male or female child or adult this is the most common cause of suicide. We here at The Holistic journey are here to help we to had grown accustom to abused life.  We are survivors and you are too. We are here as your support system with stories, resources, & courage to help walk you through this hard chapter in your life and get you safe happy and healthy. 


  • 1 month-$25
  • 3 month-$75
  • 6 month-$300
  • 12 month-$550
  • 18 month-$850
  • 24 month-$1000

Transitional Coach

Part of life is having to go through big transitions. We help you transform from a high schooler to the big world whether its college you seek or taking a year off to find your self, living at home to complete adulting and these new things called bills that seem more demanding then a new born baby or a screaming mad teenager, or from child to parent no matter the transition we are her to help you support you and build you up to fit these bigger shoes. or maybe your going through a mid life crisis or menopause we are here with advice goals plans and support. 


  • 1 month -$50
  • 3 month - $125
  • 6 month - $225
  • 12 months -$400
  • 24 months -$750

Financial Coaching 

Many people struggle with money, & you certainly aren't alone in this. We here at The Holistic Journey have had our financial falls and ups just as any other but we have developed a healthy program to help ourselves and other maintain their finances, set goals and make wiser financial decisions. Instead of us telling you what to do with your money we help you by giving multiple choices and out comes and let you make your choices whether good or bad we are here to help you through each choice till you discover your own correct financial flow.  This program is 60 minutes once a week and limited interaction in-between plus a financial report to help you see exactly where your money is going and where you could save a dollar or two. 


  • 1 month -$50
  • 3 month-$150
  • 6 month-$250
  • 12 month-$450
  • 18 moth-$700

Business & Career Coaching

career coaching is for those who want to change, begin or advance their career. 

Business Coaching is for those whom want to Start their own business or has started already and want to enhance their business. 

Both forms of coaching here help obtain resources and further your knowledge on a particular area of business or career to build you from the bottom up or just giving you some specialized support to fit your needs.  


  • 1 month  -$125
  • 3 month -$350
  • 6 month -$650
  • 12 month -$1250

Leadership Coaching

The is a form of business coaching, whether you are a manager and executive or someone who wants to work on being able to take on a bigger leading roll in their career. With this program we help you cultivate those qualities of a leader and add it to you work or even in all areas of your life.  we will boost your natural skill sets & teach you to enhance them to your advantage. with this program you get 60 minutes 3 times a week with limited interaction in-between. as a bonus you receive a year work numerology report forecast.  


  • 3 month -$400
  • 6 month -$750
  • 12 month -$2200
  • 18 month -$3100
  • 24 month -$4200

Sober Coaching

This Form of coaching also known as recovery coaching is for those recovering or ready to start recovering from some sort of addiction. We help you find sobriety and stay sober, building a sustainable & healthy recovery. learn to have fun with out drinking or substances, build health coping skills. Finding the support you want and need to live a happy healthy sober life. this program is 60 minutes 3 times a week with limited interaction in-between sessions. you will also get a full numerology report ro help you get to know your self to keep you balanced and on the right track to a better future. 


  • 1 month- $175
  • 3 month- $475
  • 6 month- $900
  • 12 month- $1600
  • 18 month- $2600
  • 24 month- $3000

Health Coaching 

Here at The Holistic Journey we offer our health coaching program for anything health related, meal plans, weight loss, work out plans, this form coaching we focus on your bodies well being. we set weekly goals, meal plans, and work outs for any age shape or size.  Our plans include all that plus a numerological health report (NOT TO BE USED AS A DOCTOR REPLACEMENT BUT TO WORK WITH YOUR PRACTITIONERS ADVICE.)


  • 1 month- $150
  • 3 month- $400
  • 6 month- $750
  • 12 month- $1450

Spiritual Coaching

This form of coaching brings some spirituality into your life mix. This doesn't mean it's pragmatic or approachable. We as spiritual coaches will help you set goals create plans, & take action with your highest spiritual well being in mind. We here at The Holistic Journey add a twist we also teach how to open your third eye, learn how to interpret tarot & oracle cards and there adjacent places in a spread, meditation, &manifestations.  The twist is for 6 month or more bookings. with this package you get 60 minutes 3 times a week with limited interaction in-between, plus a core numerology report and a spiritual assessment. 


  • 1 month-$150 
  • 3 month-$400
  • 6 month-$750
  • 12 month-$1450
  • 18 month-$2000
  • 24 month-$2600
  • 36 month-$3100
  • 48 month-$4600

Holistic Coaching

This form of coaching has grown in popularity of the recent years. We don't focus on one area in this Program but we focus our time and energy on your body, mind & spirit together. Holistic coaching helps bring these areas to a balance so you can live in harmony with yourself.  Types questions we answer are does acupuncture hurt? How do I become vegetarian? Where best places to find natural products and what are they used for? This program you will receive 60 minutes 3 times a week with limited interaction in-between and one free half hour distant reiki healing session. 


  • 1 month - $150
  • 3 month -$400
  • 6 month -$750
  • 12 month -$1400
  • 24 month -$2600
  • 36 month -$3900
  • 48 month -$4800

Personal Coaching

This is a rather vague form of coaching , but normally centers around everyday difficulties and stressors we face. Better name for this would be stress management. Things we help with during this program are anxieties, stress and adversity.  You will learn how to not engage in unhealthy manners and build healthy habits for these areas. With this program you get 60 minutes 3 times a week with limited interaction in-between as well as a numerology report on your dark side and life lessons. 


  • 1 month- $150
  • 3 month- $400
  • 6 month- $750
  • 12 month- $1400
  • 18 month- $2000
  • 24 month- $2600
  • 30 month- $3200
  • 36 months- $3900

Dating Coach

This Program we help you with your dating life. We will help you know what you want in a person before going out on a date setting up a safe word to text your coach whom then will help you get though the date and another word for us to call and get you out of there immediately. This program comes with 60 minute sessions 2 times a week with limited interactions in-between as well as a number compatibility so you know exactly what life path number fits you best for a long term successful relationship!


  • 1 month - $ 75
  • 3 month- $225
  • 6 month- $400
  • 12 month- $700
  • 18 month- $1200

Relationship Coaching

As Relationship coach we focus on those who are struggling in a relationship. You maybe searching advice to take things to the next level or how to balance out your differences. We here at the holistic journey, will help you learn to communicate more healthily, voice your personal needs, be there for your partner, and really grow together. with this session you get 60 mins 3 times a week, with limited coach interaction in-between and a numerological report that helps you see the other personal love language. 


  • 1 month- $150
  • 3 months- $400
  • 6 months- $750
  • 12 months- $ 1400
  • 24 months- $2600
  • 36 months- $3800
  • 48 months- $5200

Divorce Coaching

 This form of life coaching is the one we hope we never need, but in recent years the divorce rate is up by almost half making this coaching program a need be in most cases. We are not  lawyer nor are we mediators we are your support your reasoning and your logic during this hard phase in your life. We hear at the holistic journey help your process what is going on no matter what arises in the divorce proceedings. Setting goals and help you make wise decisions not fuels with negative emotions. Once the divorce is finalized we help you prepare for moving forward with your life after divorce.  With this program you 60 minute sessions 3 times a week with limited interaction in-between as well as a year numerology forecast.


  • 1 month- $125
  • 3 month-$350
  • 6 month-$650
  • 12 month-$1200
  • 18 months-$1750
  • 24 months-$2200

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