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The Holistic Journey

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We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

Hello I'm Tika and I with the thought given by a once friend i started the holistic journey and here we are today soon will be added more certified life coaches to help with our client base, 

Misty LaRosa (Tika)

Virtual Certified Life Coach, Master Numerologist & Reiki Master

Hello I'm Tika, a certified life coach with a year and a half experience certified. ( I have been helping coach others for about 12 years prier uncertified.) I know such a young soul to be taking on the world, but that's my life mission to help others face challenges and find fault proof solutions. I am 32 almost 33 years old mother of two my oldest is 15 and my youngest is 1 0 years old. I had my son March 2006 about a month and a half prior to turning 18 so i had to over come teen pregnancy, single parenthood, domestic violence and major life relocation. He really is my life savior my knight , as my son got older we learned that he had some social delays and behavioral issue. When he was about 3 months from turning 5 I had my daughter December 2010, She is my miracle child she made it pre term labor to pre term birth to MRSA of the blood stream at just a month old then to be 3 years old with autism & a very unique form of epilepsy that gives her fit seizures. Both my amazing children are special in their own ways and this creates so tough challenges for me as well as them.  in my life i have learned how to manage these challenges. This doesn't mean I don't have bad days just means i have learned healthy ways to deal with them. Now me and my children are in one of our biggest challenges and stresses, co-parenting & family blending. Enough about me lets talk a bit on what I can offer your, I am a certified Life Coach, Master Numerologist, & Reiki master. I have learned all these traits and accomplishments to get a personalized plan in action no matter your life needs.

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